Cars and Subs!

I spent my Saturday night walking around the World of Wheels show looking at different types of cars.  My dad has always been a car guy, so going to summer car shows was a regular event for me.  World of Wheels is an interesting collection of car fanatics who love to display all the work they have put into their car. 


This one especially caught my eye- look at the stick shift! (It’s a gun!)


This event is a fun and interesting way to spend an evening- even if you are not into cars, it is a nice way to kill a couple of hours. 

Now onto dinner, because we were at the show late, we grabbed Jimmy John’s on the way home.  I tried to keep up my healthy eating by getting the Bootlegger Club (unwich style). Calories– here is the link to the nutritional ingredients- 347 calories (not too bad).


I did have a yummy chocolate chip cookie afterwards though.  I have such a sweet tooth its hard to resist when they are just out of the oven!

I did not work out this morning but my workouts are definitely going to start back up tomorrow morning-nice and early!


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