All About the Arms

Today I spent my workout listening to the sweet voice of Gavin Degraw.  I don’t know about you but there is something about his songs that get me pumped up-even though they are not totally poppy! My legs were  a little sore from yesterday’s circuit workout- so I decided to focus on the arms today. I did not have much time so I quickly jumped on the treadmill for a mile run then headed up stairs.  After a nice stretch I was ready to do some arm work! My work out looked like this:

Arms workout

I repeated this 3x and my arms were tired! As a girl with not very much upper body strength, arm days are always difficult for me.

Some good news- yesterday I met my girlfriends for coffee and a little shopping and I picked up some new workout gear!




I love new workout clothes! They just motivate me that much more- plus you feel better when you have cute functional clothes to wear at the gym!

Finally onto breakfast, I needed something hearty that would last me through the day so I decided on eggs (spiced up of course)!


3 eggs

Chicken sausage






They were delicious, but I probably could have added a few more veggies to them, I was being a little lazy with the chopping.  The chicken sausage definitely added some rich flavor though!

One more picture for the day:


Elvis did not want to leave my bed for his morning walk- I don’t blame him!


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