Sweet Potato Mash Up

Heading towards the end of my spring break, life is getting a little crazier as I spend less time relaxing and more time preparing to go back to school. As a nursing student- you never really get time off, there’s always something to do! Next week will be even more insane and my time management skills will definitely be put to the test as I try to handle school, work, working out and blogging. But I am determined!

Onto lunch, it was yummy! Taking leftovers from 2 nights ago- a ground turkey and sweet potato mash up my mom made and adding it to a delicious salad created this:


The warm ground turkey and sweet potato was a nice contrast the to the cold crunchy salad. It hit the spot and I finished it all!

Now I promised some good finds from my grocery trip yesterday so here they are:

Organic banana chips!


Crunchy, sweet, 3 ingredients and overall a great on the go snack

I also picked up almond milk yogurt! A great find since I’m trying to stay away from the dairy. (I’ve noticed a huge difference in bloating and overall feeling better without it). Now it’s all almond or coconut milk!

More to come when I can take the pictures!

Enjoy your Saturday- I’ll be facing the crowds at the cosmetics counter!


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