The Things In My Cart

After a full week of blogging, I have to say I’m addicted! So short and healthy is here to stay! I love doing it for myself just to track my food and push myself to try new things and the fact that others are reading it is a nice added bonus! So thank you! I’ve also decided that with my hectic schedule- planning is going to be key to my success. This means planning out my meals and workouts a week in advance so I’m not scrabbling half way through the week trying to find something healthy to eat- this is when bad decisions are made!

Here come the excel spreadsheets and organized workouts! (Can you tell I’m a type A personality?) I’m super excited!

I went shopping Friday to stock up on some goodies for the week before school starts back up. Here are some more awesome things I found! And took pictures of!


The almond milk yogurt I mentioned!


Dairy free chocolate chips! A paleo friendly chocolate chip cookie recipe will be in your future!


Gluten-free oats! Oatmeal for breakfast this week!


Again the organic banana chips I found! – but the picture of the bag that they come in!


Beef jerky! For an on the go treat!


Cacao nibs- to spice up my protein smoothies and desserts!

I also stocked up on almond milk, produce, gluten-free flour, eggs, and protein powder!
I found a small milk frother so my morning coffee looked like this:


Foamy Vanilla almond milk topped my coffee and it was yummy! Two thumbs up for that. The best part is the milk frother is small enough for me to take back to school with me- so more homemade lattes!
That didn’t stop me from picking up my soy latte this afternoon at work though!


What items are your favorite to grab at the grocery store? Anything new I should try?


3 thoughts on “The Things In My Cart

  1. All looks so yummy! I love banana chips but I can never buy them or else I eat the whole bag! Lately, I am loving Chobani Bite (although, it’s not carried everywhere yet), Bear Naked granola, and BelVita.

  2. I also have a bit of an obsession with banana chips! The bulk trail mix bins at Whole Foods cause serious trouble if I’m alone. Why can’t trail mix be just bananas and chocolate chips?! I can’t wait to get a milk frother… I have one on my wedding registry and am so anxious for someone to gift it to me! 🙂 Your coffee looks awesome!

    • I know! I ate almost half the bag in one serving! And the frother is awesome and quiet! Hopefully you get one- the one I picked up was on sale, but was not that expensive- at least for the use I’ll get out of it!

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