Abs, Glutes, and Thighs

Working out in the afternoon is sometimes so invigorating! Usually I like to get my workouts done and over with in the morning so I can spend the rest of the day satisfied in knowing that I already did it.  Today, because I slept in, I had to fit it in after class.  I headed over the gym and started with 20 minutes on the treadmill (approx 2 miles).  Then I jumped off, stretched a bit and got a mat to start some ab work.  It turned into a hard-core sweaty workout! Here’s what it looked like:

abs glutes and thighs

It was all about the abs, glutes and thighs today! I used weights and I encourage you do to that- it just intensifies it.  I repeated the circuit 3 times and by the third time my legs were trembling! After 20 repetitions, I would pulsate a bit and then hold the position for one minute (ouch!).

For dinner- a nice hearty salad!


And a turkey burger (not pictured).

tonight’s outlook: homework, lots and lots of it and a Paleo Brownie


When is your favorite time to workout?


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