….Almost Starbucks!

Good morning!

Once again I did not wake up to do my workout- but by choice! I’m really enjoying the afternoon workouts-so one will be posted later today.
For breakfast this morning, I really had a taste for sausage and eggs. I took a look at the ingredients in the fridge and decided on scrambled eggs with tomato, spinach and a side of turkey sausage!


3 eggs
cherry tomatoes cut in half
handful of spinach
3 turkey sausage links

Start the sausage first and then scramble the eggs. Add the tomatoes and spinach last.


I paired it with a banana.


I love coffee, especially those high in sugar and calories lattes and fancy drinks at Starbucks. White Chocolate Peppermint Mocha is a Christmas favorite of mine. However my wallet and my body does not appreciate too many of these. Anytime I can make something similar (and healthier) at home- I’m all for it! So this morning I made a delicious coffee drink with my new milk frother! I brewed a cup of hazelnut coffee. I added the vanilla almond milk to the milk frother as well as some pumpkin spice seasoning and a dash of cinnamon. Then I let the milk frother do its job and viola!


It was delicious and frothy! It’s as close to Starbucks as I can get.

Have you ever tried experimenting with coffee at home?


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