Switching Over!

Hello Friends!

Short and Healthy now has its own official domain.  I have switched over from WordPress to Bluehost. You can now find me at shortandhealthy.com

After much debate and research, I decided I wanted a bit more flexibility with my blog.  I wanted it to grow as my desire for blogging grew.  I hope you still read at my new location. 🙂

Thanks! See ya soon!



Deep Thinking

So many thoughts today! Do you ever have a day where you just are constantly thinking about the future and things you want to accomplish! I have never been this motivated in my life or curious about all the things I could do! Blogging, eating clean and working out have created this desire in me to make nutrition and fitness a bigger part of my life. Anyways before all this deep thinking started, I had breakfast.

I woke up and immediately grabbed a banana before heading off to the gym with Mike.


2 miles on the treadmill went quick and I followed it with some arm work.

For lunch, we stopped at Panera and I chose the asian sesame salad for some lunch!


Before I headed to work, I make a peanut butter chocolate protein smoothie!


1 scoop chocolate protein powder
1 banana
1 tablespoon of cocoa
1 tablespoon almond butter (you can use peanut butter)
1 cup vanilla almond milk


This one was great for a chocolate craving! Next time I would add some spinach-just because it makes me feel better knowing there’s some green in there without tasting them.

Soo, back to this deep thinking. As if Nursing school isn’t enough- I just have to add more onto my plate. I’ve been seriously considering becoming NASM certified. I’ve done some research and feel pretty confident in my ability to pass the test. It would be a huge accomplishment for me to say that I was certified and the possibilities with a certificate are unbelievable!

For those of you who are NASM certified, do you love it? What have you done with the certificate? How has it impacted your life? Do you recommend that program? Have you gotten a job with it?

Please let me know!

Liebster Award!

I’m so honored and excited to write this post! Melissa at freeingimperfections nominated me for the Liebster Award.


This award is given to new blogs with under 200 followers.  The award helps spread the word between other bloggers within the same category.  Each blogger has to post 11 random facts about themselves as well as answer the 11 questions posted by the nominator. Then the new nominee has to nominate 11 other blogs for the award as well as link them in your post. Also you cannot nominate the person that nominated you! Whew! It’s a lot of fun and helps you discover new blogs!

11 Random Facts About Me:

1. I work in cosmetics and I love doing makeovers- I’ve done them for weddings, proms, dances, and other special occasions!

2. I am a coffee-addict and as much as I try- I cannot get away from Starbucks- I probably fund half of their company at this point.

3. I have an excellent sense of smell- I’m like a dog. So I’m super neurotic about how my room smells and I always wear some sort of fragrance.

4. Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Pumpkin- I love everything it comes in- candles, food, drink, etc.

5. I really have no upper body strength- I’m working on it.  I want to be able to do at least 3 pull ups

6. While I am in Nursing School, blogging has me thinking about considering a career in nutrition. (after I finish nursing school of course).

7. While I’m running, I have to constantly convince myself that I like doing it- it has never been easy for me.

8. As much as I wish I could be a dancer, I have very very little rhythm.

9. I love grocery shopping. I could spend hours there, just staring at everything, reading the ingredients and coming up with recipes that I could use the product in. It’s relaxing.

10. I love country music- it’s just about all I listen to.

11. Finally, I cannot believe I didn’t start a blog earlier!  The community is so welcoming!

Melissa’s Questions:

1. Peanut butter or chocolate?

Definitely chocolate!

2. Where did you get your blog title?

My height has always been a topic of discussion so it was natural to put that I am short in the title of the blog.

3. Have any nick names?

Nova or Nornan (when my sisters were babies and couldn’t say my name)

4. Who is your blog idol?

Julie at PBFingers. She was the first blog that I discovered and continued to read daily.

5. Are you a jewelry person? If so, do you have a special piece that you wear every day/a lot?

Always have earrings in- I feel naked without them.

6. Describe your perfect candle scent.

pumpkin or some sort of apple spice fall scent

7. What was your favorite childhood birthday present?

probably my pink barbie jeep when I was like 5- those things are awesome!

8. Would you rather be stuck in freezing cold or extreme heat forever?

extreme heat- I hate cold, its annoying

9. What’s your favorite social media right now – Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, or something else?

I’m all about Twitter right now, Facebook has lost my interest.

10. Favorite holiday and why?

Christmas- everyone is in a jolly mood, everything is decorated and everything is peppermint!

11. What motivates you to blog?

I wanted to take my health and fitness to the next level and really push myself to get out of my comfort zone.

Finally, my nominees are….. (drumroll please!)

Brittany @ dulcevie

Kate @ sweetsandsweats

Sam @ sweatlikeagirl

Kim @ shewinessometimes

Amanda @ Inreallife

Christina @ thetinyrunner

Emily @ lovalatte1

Heather @ fitncookies

Ashley @ lifeandfitnessbyashley

Katie @ livinghalffull

Kate @quatercenturysouthernliving


My Questions:

1. Coffee or Tea

2.What made you decide to start a blog?

3. Favorite ingredient to cook with

4. Night in or night out

5. fruit or veggies

6. your favorite blog to read

7. What is one habit you want to change?

8. Favorite workout or exercise

9. What is one of your weaknesses?

10. Favorite vacation spot

11. Dogs or cats? (or both???)


Congratulations to all the nominees! Spread the word and take this opportunity to discover new blogs!

Chocolate Day

I guess it’s a chocolate kinda day for me. After an excellent day of running errands and grocery shopping, I stopped to make a protein shake to take on the way to work with me. I will call it chocolate chocolate protein shake.


1 scoop chocolate whey protein powder
Handful of spinach
1 banana
1/2 cup blueberries (optional)
Chocolate almond milk

This one is definitely for the chocolate lover (me!).


It didn’t look the greatest but it sure tasted good!

I’ll post later tonight some really fun things I found at the grocery store that I’m really excited to try!

Chocolate Vanilla Protein Pancakes


For the days when you just cannot decide….today’s post is for you!

I woke up today very indecisive- did I want to go to a yoga class, take the day off or just do a usual workout? What did I want for breakfast? After taking too long to figure it all out- I ended up just at the gym for a regular day.  Although no day is regular with my workouts!

I hit the treadmill but by mile 2 I just was not feeling it anymore- so I climbed up on the stairmaster for 10 minutes to round out the 30. I was sweaty! For some reason when I sweat, I do not sweat in my face or really badly under my arms- I sweat in my hands! Is that weird? Does this happen to anyone else?  It causes problems when I’m on machines like the elliptical or the stairmaster because you hold onto something constantly and this is when I notice the most. Anyways…onto the rest of my workout. I headed upstairs to stretch (ahh so relaxing!) and then started my circuit workout for the day! This circuit was a total body and I liked it because it had short repetitions and changed often so no boredom set in.

total body circuit

I did repetitions of 20 for each, 1 minute on the jump rope and 30 crunches instead- but you can customize it any way to make it harder or lighter.  I did 3 sets of the circuit- It went by quick!

Now for breakfast- I’m really excited about this one! Remember my indecisiveness? Well it carried over to breakfast and I just could not figure out what I had a taste for.  Then I saw this in my fridge!


I knew it had to be included in my breakfast! So I came up with this: Chocolate Vanilla Protein Pancakes!


1 scoop vanilla whey protein powder

1 egg

1/2 cup gluten-free flour

1/2 cup chocolate almond milk

1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon

1/8 teaspoon of baking powder

It had just a little bit of every flavor in every bit! Some cinnamon, vanilla and chocolate- all of my indecisiveness cravings were satisfied! I topped the pancakes with a bit of honey for sweetness.


Hope your morning was a little more focused than mine!

Do you have any weird things that happen to you while at the gym or working out?

Quick Snack

After running some errands this afternoon, I had about an hour to kill before I needed to be at work.  So my intention was to pick up an ice tea at Starbucks and spend some time catching up on homework.  On the way to the Starbucks I intended to go to I passed about 3 other locations and when I reached my destination- they had shut down! Ugh! So I decided at the last minute to stop in a Panera Bread (I needed free wifi) and grab a soy latte instead.  At the register I added a fruit cup as well 🙂 I guess it worked out after all. 

I’m making a Paleo dinner tonight- so look for that later on today!

Happy Monday 🙂


Cars and Subs!

I spent my Saturday night walking around the World of Wheels show looking at different types of cars.  My dad has always been a car guy, so going to summer car shows was a regular event for me.  World of Wheels is an interesting collection of car fanatics who love to display all the work they have put into their car. 


This one especially caught my eye- look at the stick shift! (It’s a gun!)


This event is a fun and interesting way to spend an evening- even if you are not into cars, it is a nice way to kill a couple of hours. 

Now onto dinner, because we were at the show late, we grabbed Jimmy John’s on the way home.  I tried to keep up my healthy eating by getting the Bootlegger Club (unwich style). Calories– here is the link to the nutritional ingredients- 347 calories (not too bad).


I did have a yummy chocolate chip cookie afterwards though.  I have such a sweet tooth its hard to resist when they are just out of the oven!

I did not work out this morning but my workouts are definitely going to start back up tomorrow morning-nice and early!

First Post!

Hello Everyone and welcome to Short and Healthy.

As a short girl (only 4’11), I wanted to create a blog to share with family and friends about my passion for fitness, good recipes and living a healthy lifestyle.  As a nursing student, I am constantly learning and I love to explore new recipes and workouts.  This blog will be my journey to explore fitness, share ideas and connect with other people who share my passions!