While my goal of this blog was to tame the fire of my burning passion for living a healthy lifestyle ( a little dramatic- no?), I cannot help but include a few key players in my life who help me everyday.  So here are the introductions…..

Mike: The boyfriend

mike and lauren

We have been together for 2 years and he’s my other half.

Anna: my middle sister

anna and lauren

She’s so smart and amazing and crazy about health like me!

Catherine: the Little Sister


The crazy one- she is a ball of fun and always doing something.  She is also super into health and is an amazing soccer player.

The Three Musketeers

the girls

My Parents: without whom I would not be here writing this blog 🙂

mom and dad

They support me in everything I do.

And finally my favorite pup: Elvis!



As you can tell- he is my favorite.  We rescued him from the shelter about 4 years ago.  He has his own personality, he is a little old man.  As a Jack Russell Terrier mix, he is all bark and no bite and has what we call ‘little dog syndrome’ but we love him even with all his imperfections.  I constantly take pictures of him, so he might show up quite a lot 🙂


Thanks for meeting the gang!


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