Fruity Friday!

I’m back!

Sorry for no post yesterday but sometimes nursing school just takes up way too much of my time. However, I have a delicious protein shake for you to make up for it.

This morning I started the day early at the gym (yes I did wake up this time). I spent 30 minutes on the treadmill doing a 3 mile interval run. It left me sweaty and feeling good. I switched between a jog at 6.9 and 8.5 for my sprints. I would jog for 2 minutes and sprint for one. I also added a brisk walk at the beginning and the end at 4.0 speed.
After a quick stretch and some abdominal work I headed home for some breakfast.

I refueled with an Apple Cinnamon Protein Shake

1 apple
1/2 banana
1 cup vanilla almond milk unsweetened
Handful of spinach (always have to get my greens in there)
1 scoop designer whey vanilla protein powder
Few ice cubes
2 dashes of cinnamon



It turned green from my spinach but it tasted like apples and cinnamon!


While I prepared that I snacked on a few of these:


I guess I was in a fruit mood today because for my afternoon snack I had an apple as well- sometimes I just can’t get enough.


Hope your Friday is fruity and fun! 🙂


Quick Snack

After running some errands this afternoon, I had about an hour to kill before I needed to be at work.  So my intention was to pick up an ice tea at Starbucks and spend some time catching up on homework.  On the way to the Starbucks I intended to go to I passed about 3 other locations and when I reached my destination- they had shut down! Ugh! So I decided at the last minute to stop in a Panera Bread (I needed free wifi) and grab a soy latte instead.  At the register I added a fruit cup as well 🙂 I guess it worked out after all. 

I’m making a Paleo dinner tonight- so look for that later on today!

Happy Monday 🙂