Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from Short and Healthy!


Look what came in my Easter basket- My mother knows me so well.


However before I dug into one of those, I took Elvis for a walk and the weather was dreamy! With the weather having been around the 30s most of the last few weeks, 50 degrees felt magical! The wind created a nice breeze and my legs were itching to go for a run.  So I dropped Elvis off, put on my running shoes and let my legs take me. Since this was my first outdoor run (because the weather has been so horrible) I did not run as far as I would have liked.  But a little run is better than nothing at all.


I had just enough time to fit in two miles before I needed to shower for church!

Now with my stomach full beyond stuffed, I’m finally home from a long day of visiting family and celebrating the holiday.  Not only is today Easter, but it is also the last day of March.  As the month comes to a close, I have been thinking that March was just not my month at all.  I slacked in school, got lazy with my eating and became routine in my workouts.  All things I want to avoid! But sometimes you just have a bad month.  However, I’m going to put all this ‘bad’ behavior behind me, and focus on the future-April! I have so many things planned for April and I just cannot wait to get back on track-with everything!

Goals for April:

1. Participate in Sunday Food Prep at least one day this month

2. Eat clean for a month straight

3. Organize and plan my workouts so I’m not sitting at the gym saying “oh I guess I’ll try this machine today”

4. Participate in Melissa’s Organization Challenge (my life needs some organizing)

5. Seriously focus on school (I have been slacking)

With the Florida trip only 56 days away, I need to start getting serious and ready! (Can you tell I’m excited?)

Have a wonderful rest of your Easter!

Questions of the Day:

Are you doing anything different in the month of April? Do you ever need to reevaluate and reorganize a part of your life?