Fruity Friday!

I’m back!

Sorry for no post yesterday but sometimes nursing school just takes up way too much of my time. However, I have a delicious protein shake for you to make up for it.

This morning I started the day early at the gym (yes I did wake up this time). I spent 30 minutes on the treadmill doing a 3 mile interval run. It left me sweaty and feeling good. I switched between a jog at 6.9 and 8.5 for my sprints. I would jog for 2 minutes and sprint for one. I also added a brisk walk at the beginning and the end at 4.0 speed.
After a quick stretch and some abdominal work I headed home for some breakfast.

I refueled with an Apple Cinnamon Protein Shake

1 apple
1/2 banana
1 cup vanilla almond milk unsweetened
Handful of spinach (always have to get my greens in there)
1 scoop designer whey vanilla protein powder
Few ice cubes
2 dashes of cinnamon



It turned green from my spinach but it tasted like apples and cinnamon!


While I prepared that I snacked on a few of these:


I guess I was in a fruit mood today because for my afternoon snack I had an apple as well- sometimes I just can’t get enough.


Hope your Friday is fruity and fun! ūüôā


Sausage and Salad!

With a Florida vacation on the horizon, I decided to kick up my workouts but also clean up my diet too.  I have been eating clean most of the time but there is definite room for improvement.  I want to be in swim suit shape in 2 months! When I woke up to my alarm this morning, of course I had a craving for pancakes.  I wanted to make sure I was getting my protein in though so protein pancakes it was!


2 eggs

1 scoop vanilla whey protein powder

1/2 cup gluten-free flour

1 banana

a shake of cinnamon


The pancakes cooked quickly and were actually light.  I topped them with some honey for sweetness.


They really hit the spot-without making me too full.

I spent the afternoon in class with the promise to hit the gym later that afternoon.

Once I got to the gym, I realized I really need to start going back in the morning.  It was packed with people and I had to wait for machines.  I spent 30 hard-core minutes on the treadmill and then went upstairs to start a circuit workout.  I stretched and then got to work.

I was all over the place with my circuit workout- I was really making it up as I went along but it was intense!

Set 1:

20 sumo squats

1 min plank

20 sumo squats

1 min side plank


Set 2:

50 crunches

15 leg raises with stability ball

leg press


I did a few more leg machines before calling it a night.¬† I just have to say one of my biggest pet peeves is people at the gym who are not really there to workout.¬† People today were sitting on the machines, not really working out, for much longer than they needed to chatting with their friends.¬† I don’t mind socializing at the gym-¬†but actually workout.¬† Don’t just sit on the machine and pretend your working out your legs while watching some guy on the otherside. I would have probably stayed later but I was getting too frustrated.

Anyways. on a happier note-DINNER!

My sister and I had a craving for meat.  We mixed together polish sausage (we are of polish descent) and a Morning Star Mushroom burger, sautéed with some bell peppers and a dash of salt.


We added some salad on the side for a vegetable.


I ate every last bite! The salad was really refreshing and crunching.

Hope your Monday was a happy one!

Blueberry Vanilla Protein Pancakes

It’s strange how¬† your body reacts from food. Saturday night was Mike’s mom’s birthday and we went out to celebrate.¬† Lets just say 2 pieces of bread, fried calamari and a huge piece of carrot cake later- my body was screaming-PLEASE STOP! It was all sooo delicious but I was paying for it the next day. Sunday I was really achy (half just from being sore), I had a headache all day and above all just did not feel good.¬† I went to bed early- and woke up late.¬† I had every intention of going to the gym this morning but when I woke up for my alarm- my body was telling me I needed a few more hours of shut eye.¬† So I listened and thank god I did.¬† I woke up¬†2 hours later like I had just awoke from a coma- I guess I really needed some sleep! However, I feel 100x better this morning and I will be at the gym this afternoon!

For breakfast this morning, I have been looking for recipes to incorporate my protein powder without it being in a shake.  So I came up with these: Blueberry Vanilla Protein Pancakes


2 eggs

1/2 cup almond milk

1/2 cup gluten-free flour

1 scoop of vanilla creme whey protein powder

1/2 teaspoon baking powder

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

splash of cinnamon

1 cup blueberries

I suggest smashing the blueberries up.¬† The gluten-free flour makes the batter liquidy and the pancakes not very fluffy so it was a little difficult to flip them and keep the blueberries from rolling all over the pan.¬† This won’t be a problem if you substitute with another kind of flour. I also added some honey on top for a bit of sweetness

IMG_0145[1] IMG_0146[1]


They were yummy-very vanillaey. And I love pancakes so these hit the spot.

Now that I’m starting my day on the right foot- I have lots to do! Going back to school.¬† Later tonight I’ll post my workout as well.

Have a great day!


What foods can you not eat anymore?

Chocolate Vanilla Protein Pancakes


For the days when you just cannot decide….today’s post is for you!

I woke up today very indecisive- did I want to go to a yoga class, take the day off or just do a usual workout? What did I want for breakfast? After taking too long to figure it all out- I ended up just at the gym for a regular day.  Although no day is regular with my workouts!

I hit the treadmill but by mile 2 I just was not feeling it anymore-¬†so I climbed up on the stairmaster¬†for 10 minutes to round out the 30. I was sweaty! For some reason when I sweat, I do not sweat in my face or really badly under my arms-¬†I sweat in my hands! Is that weird? Does this happen to anyone else?¬† It causes problems when I’m on machines like the elliptical¬†or the stairmaster¬†because you hold onto something constantly and this is when I notice the most. Anyways…onto the rest of my workout. I headed upstairs to stretch (ahh so relaxing!) and then started my circuit workout for the day! This circuit was a total body and I liked it because it¬†had short repetitions and changed often so no boredom set in.

total body circuit

I did repetitions of 20 for each, 1 minute on the jump rope and 30 crunches instead- but you can customize it any way to make it harder or lighter.  I did 3 sets of the circuit- It went by quick!

Now for breakfast- I’m really excited about this one! Remember my indecisiveness? Well it carried over to breakfast and I just could not figure out what I had a taste for.¬† Then I saw this in my fridge!


I knew it had to be included in my breakfast! So I came up with this: Chocolate Vanilla Protein Pancakes!


1 scoop vanilla whey protein powder

1 egg

1/2 cup gluten-free flour

1/2 cup chocolate almond milk

1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon

1/8 teaspoon of baking powder

It had just a little bit of every flavor in every bit! Some cinnamon, vanilla and chocolate- all of my indecisiveness cravings were satisfied! I topped the pancakes with a bit of honey for sweetness.


Hope your morning was a little more focused than mine!

Do you have any weird things that happen to you while at the gym or working out?


Flying- that’s what I did all morning. I was up early to make it to an early mass before hitting the gym around 8:20. And I took off! I started on the treadmill. Usually I am not the fastest runner but I have some endurance that I’ve built up. Today I was speedy (well at least for a slow runner). I ran 3 miles in under 25 minutes, a record for this girl with extra short legs!


Then to round off the 30 minutes I walked for the last five minutes. My machine read this at the end.


I walked off the treadmill feeling pretty accomplished ( I could have done another 3-ha!) and I headed upstairs for a well needed stretch.

I love stretching. It is probably my favorite part of my workout. It’s when your heart rate starts to slow down and you really regain some energy after your cardio. Stretching gives me a few minutes to breath and gets me excited and motivated for my second half of my workout.

Unfortunately today I was in a rush- flying remember?- and had to do a quick abdominal workout before running out of the gym. I still had to hit the store- we ran out of almond milk this morning (oh no!) and fly home to shower and get ready for work.

Because I was rushing, I had no time for a nice sit down breakfast, so instead I opted for a quick and easy protein shake. I went classic this morning and made a strawberry banana protein shake.


1 banana
Handful of spinach
5 very large strawberries
1 scoop of vanilla whey protein powder
5 ice cubes
And enough vanilla almond milk to get it all moving.

Yum yum! It hit the spot and was quick so I was not late to work!


Hope your morning was a little more relaxing!